9 08 2009

A quickpress.

Things just suddenly got a tad more complicated, I still don’t have the means to update my site using vids as much as I want to.

On the plus side, I recently received an e-mail from the Twitter team that says I have now control of this twitter profile – neat huh? Someone actually stole one of my most used screen names and actually posted stuffs coming from my old Friendster shout-out and blog.

I have nothing else to add right now t’was just a short update anyway 😛

(If you want to follow me via twitter feel free to do so)


Happy New Year – Welcome Year of the Ox!

9 01 2009

happy-new-year (Belated) Happy New Year Everyone!

2008 had been one hell of a year for most of us, unfortunately for me not much has change from 07-08.

Some updates after the jump!

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Reiciello – Googleable!

22 04 2008

Yes you read that right!

I checked google and found out that my blog is now googleable meaning you can now type in “Reiciello” at the google search page and it should come up on top.

The other cool thing is that “Reiciello” is a unique name created by yours truly and as of now every Reiciello found in the net refers directly to me, cool huh?!

Now if I could only buy a patent for it hehehehehe!

Anyways, this post is just a blog update thanks for reading and visiting my blog!