I’m not dead

15 07 2009

This is a quick entry, I just wanted to tell you guys I’m still alive and kicking! I’ve just been busy with life a little for the past months that’s why I haven’t posted anything here. Well as far as I can tell right now, I have lots of plan for this blog. Don’t worry if I need to get any words put I’ll make sure to tell you guys about it!

Anyways, till then. See you.

P.S Watch out for my upcoming video blogs (that’s right videos haha)


End of Mid-term (again)

16 01 2009


Today the midterms officially ended, not that I cared much since I finished mine last Wednesday.

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Students Suspended for Blogging!

15 01 2009

Click below to watch the video coverage:

GMANews.TV – QTV: High school students supended for blog vs principal – Video – Official Website of GMA News and Public Affairs – Latest Philippine News – BETA

Click below for the news entry (in English):

News Article

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This is alarming inded!

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Tokyo! Tokyo! Me Likey!

14 01 2009


OK the title should have been: Tokyo! Tokyo! Me Paborito! But I don’t want to use that less it may look like I was paid to blog about them (seriously I’m not!).

Why am I saying this? Because someone sent me an anonymous e-mail saying that PLDT paid me to post a blog about their service.

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Updating the About Me Page

10 01 2009

Just a short update

I’m currently updating the “about me” page in my blog, so if you want you can check back often and see if I added a new information about me 🙂

Happy New Year – Welcome Year of the Ox!

9 01 2009

happy-new-year (Belated) Happy New Year Everyone!

2008 had been one hell of a year for most of us, unfortunately for me not much has change from 07-08.

Some updates after the jump!

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ZxOnline CBT Experience…

26 11 2008

What’s more worst than waiting for a new game to launch it’s CBT phase?

It’s finding out you would only be disappointed with it.


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