Windows 7 Ultimate Test Run

19 11 2009

It’s been almost a year since I bought my current laptop and I’m still liking it because despite of it’s rather mediocre of an excuse for a graphics processor it can still pack a lot of punch. I should know I’m currently playing Dragon Age: Origins on it on medium to high settings with AA turned off.

Anyways when I bought this laptop it came pre-installed with windows vista, I for one don’t have anything bad against that OS despite what others are saying all over the net I still preferred it over XP. (well not really!)

(yep, install it… now!)

Recently I just took the courage to remove vista in favor of installing win7, I could have done it earlier if only the warranty wasn’t preventing me from doing so. Read the rest of this entry »


Tokyo! Tokyo! Me Likey!

14 01 2009


OK the title should have been: Tokyo! Tokyo! Me Paborito! But I don’t want to use that less it may look like I was paid to blog about them (seriously I’m not!).

Why am I saying this? Because someone sent me an anonymous e-mail saying that PLDT paid me to post a blog about their service.

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Rapidshare: non-rapid waiting time

8 06 2008

My previous post about Rapidshare’s captcha system was a hit and garnered  a lot of readers based on WordPress’ statistics. I’m not trying to initiate a Rapidshare bashing campaign but I just had to post my latest findings of all the ridiculous things Rapidshare is implementing.

I’m gonna share with you guys about the LOOONNGGG waiting time Rapidshare give to it’s users.

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