Blog Status

17 09 2010

I’m pretty much still active in the internet, though I may have neglected this blog.

First and foremost I intentionally did not do anything to make sure that the blog keeps on getting traffic. This is not a for-profit blog, I have one of those blog but I will not mention it here.

Frankly, I’m looking for another host where I can have a much better control over who can see my blog and the things I post in it, if you have a suggestion send me an email or comments down below. I prefer an invite only blog. I don’t like MySpace even though it has that option.

Untill then I’ll probably won’t be able to post much or anything at this blog anymore. Though I’ll keep it active because the nickname I used here should and forever remain exclusively for me.

By the way, to those asking and for the few who knew that I’ve started writing a manuscript for my book – yes I’m still actively writing it, in-fact I’m looking for a graphics artist partner that will help me visualize the world I’m creating. If anyone of you knows someone willing to do that, pls. send me an email.


Updating the About Me Page

10 01 2009

Just a short update

I’m currently updating the “about me” page in my blog, so if you want you can check back often and see if I added a new information about me 🙂

Blog Update: New Page etc.

4 05 2008

I’ve added a new page to my blog entitled “Reiciello’s ® eLoad center” it’s my current business that I’ve been doing for the past couple of months and I’ve decided to do it online as well – more about this in a different post.

I’m also in the process of re-organizing the blog now with the addition of my eLoad center. I will post details about this soon, I need comments though whether should I move the eLoad center to another blog for sole hosting and put a link here or keep it here.

Note: The eLoad center’s comments option is only for buyers, the only time I will approve comments in there are if it’s a feedback of some sort as well as for payment completion.

Blog Update – New Header!

22 04 2008

This is just an update post.

See the new header? It was created by Righ, nice huh?

Thanks a bunch Righ!

Reiciello – Googleable!

22 04 2008

Yes you read that right!

I checked google and found out that my blog is now googleable meaning you can now type in “Reiciello” at the google search page and it should come up on top.

The other cool thing is that “Reiciello” is a unique name created by yours truly and as of now every Reiciello found in the net refers directly to me, cool huh?!

Now if I could only buy a patent for it hehehehehe!

Anyways, this post is just a blog update thanks for reading and visiting my blog!

Still Here

31 03 2008

No I’m not dead yet, haha I’m still here.

The reason for the slow update is… well there is no reason, in fact there are currently 4 Drafts waiting to be published I’m just finishing them up since they are rather long and I’m not planning on releasing them all at once so just wait patiently… as a matter of fact I wasn’t expecting any viewers at all hahaha!

Anyway I’ll probably post 1 of the 4 drafts by the end of the week.

Earth Hour Video

20 03 2008