About Reiciello


Real Name: Aleks Erikson Bella

Age: 20

Year of Birth: 1988

Nickname(s): Erik, Leks, Reiks, Reiciello

Country: Philippines

Nationality: Filipino

Blood Heritage: 25% Filipino / 25% Chinese / 50% Spanish

Spoken Language: Tagalog, English

Hobbies: PC Stuffs, Games, Non-team sport, movies, hanging out and just chilling.


I’m a realist and am proud of it.

I’m not a catholic or protestant, I’m a member of the Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ).

I sing. Yes I’m a choir member.

I acknowledge the presence of God but I still believe in the theory of Evolution.

I’m no saint when it comes to religious discussion.

I’m sarcastic.

Eternally an optimist.

Seldom do I get depressed.

Spends most of my time in-front of my laptop.

I’m a naturist but not a fanatic to nature.

I’m allergic to smoking and cigar smokes – cigars in common.

A rebel within.

A pacifist to a certain extent.

Tend to be passive when angered.

Has a very long patience.

A night person, man of the night, I hate mornings.

Has sleep problems since high school.

Loves dogs.

Hates insects.

I have fear of basketball balls (no name yet, could be basketballphobia).

Also have Entomophobia and Arachnephobia.

Favorite sport(s) would be Archery, Fencing, and Equestrian.

Knows how to scuba-dive.

Knows how to rock-climb and rappelling.

A former Boyscout.

Absolutely a certified Sushi fanciest.

Loves the new Dunkin Donut Croissant.

Loves Donuts in general.

More to come… 🙂



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