Windows 7 Ultimate Test Run

19 11 2009

It’s been almost a year since I bought my current laptop and I’m still liking it because despite of it’s rather mediocre of an excuse for a graphics processor it can still pack a lot of punch. I should know I’m currently playing Dragon Age: Origins on it on medium to high settings with AA turned off.

Anyways when I bought this laptop it came pre-installed with windows vista, I for one don’t have anything bad against that OS despite what others are saying all over the net I still preferred it over XP. (well not really!)

(yep, install it… now!)

Recently I just took the courage to remove vista in favor of installing win7, I could have done it earlier if only the warranty wasn’t preventing me from doing so.Thank the god(s) that my warranty finally ended. After pondering about it for some time I finally gave in and took the solitary win7 installation disc just sitting there staring at me since I got it.

I didn’t encounter any difficulties regarding the OS’ installation I’ve been installing OS for ages and win7 even if it’s newer didn’t gave a problem. Actually installation was a breeze this time around, kudos to Microsoft for that OS-like boot windows because it looks and feels like an OS all by itself. Installation, formatting and all those techy stuff are now neatly found on that boot window.

Formatting was as simple as pressing a button…literally. It was done in a matter of seconds (5 I think) I was expecting the long-ish format wait time like XP’s and some Vista’s (starter) re-format method. Thankfully when they installed my vista I opted to create partitions all by myself (all to their chagrins -ha!) so my other partitions acted as back up spaces for my files that will be transferred to 7.

Installation lasted for 15minutes or so, compared to vista and xp which took me 20-45 minutes.

After installation win7 booted up perfectly! The win7 ultimate logo popped up along with my user log-on page.

I had to re-install every driver that didn’t came with win7 (I expected it anyways so it wasnt all that irksome) and thankfully I have found them all in the net. Well except for one, my touchpad is using the default windows driver and because of that the touchpad’s scrolling capability isn’t working. The driver found on HP is for Vista ONLY so I still have to wait for some time if they’ll release a driver for win7.

Today… I got the chance to testdrive win7’s wireless capability. So I went to my favorite wireless net place here in Robinsons place Boni AND lo and behold connecting to the network was easier than ABC. When I had vista connecting to this place’s wireless network was such a hassle I had to click the connect button 20-30 time before it establishes a connection, with 7 it took far less than that – a staggering one click access!

And compared to vistas’ way of handling wireless connections, my current connection is holding up and I haven’t had the connection drop yet like that in vista.

So all and all I find win7 a far more superior OS than Vista and XP combined. The was it is marketed in a sense. Microsoft did fine for a change.

Of course some of the glaring faults of the Microsoft OS is still here… it’s still is not a MAC and it will never be a MAC but atleast it’s far more better now. I have the feeling MS is smiling from cheek-to-cheek with their current OS’ success and they all have the rights to do so.

Again KUDOS to MS for doing a mighty fine job with Win7!




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