Typhoon, Paranoia, and my B-day Bash

6 10 2009

Amidst all the paranoia the two typhoon brought upon us here who are living in the metropolis I still decided to push my 2 months long planned bday celebration.

I started planning on this particular occasion 2 months ahead of my 21st birthday. Location, Budget, Transportation, and Guest List.  I was always the planning type and I so hate it when a well ironed out plan goes awry, not that this one went wrong it just wasn’t what I first envisioned it to be 🙂 .

Location wise it was perfect, a silent countryside retreat house away from the busy city streets I grew accustomed to.

Budgeting was the easiest part and I don’t want to crank out the numbers.

Transportation was a 3 way plan designed to be alternatives for each other. Amazingly we got our hands on a private van courtesy of Tito Omeng he ferried us to the location nice and safely, amidst the paranoia the storm was brewing on our way there.

And finally the guest list, I think amidst all the planning this one was hit the most.

lols, who’s that guy in the middle that looks soooo wasted 🙂

I made the best decision of my life so far to set my bday bash a week delayed from my bday on the 26th of September. Let’s call it a gut instinct at that time. I was soooo right when on the morning of my 21st bday on the 26th of September, typhoon Ondoy pummeled the northern territories of the country while it’s rain bands brought upon a deluge of torrential rains upon the national capital region. We weren’t spared ourselves as our entire 1st floor was drowned in chest level murky sewage water flood. The monday after that, state forecasters and the media warned of another typhoon approaching, as a self proclaimed typhoon watcher, I gathered data from several foreign weather forecasters because I didn’t frankly believed on our state’s weather bureau, the Japanese weather bureau was particularly helpful as they have Doppler (or doplar as it is locally known) Radars that can measure the potential rains a typhoon can pack. After all those time spent studying typhoon Pepeng, I was sure that it wont affect the NCR and Southern Tagalogs as much as Ondoy did. So I decided to un-cancel my party.

I began calling those who were previously invited to inform them that the weather conditions won’t be a problem so I decided to un-cancel the party. I was dismayed when all but 1 particular person decided that he was 110% prepared to go. I explained to the others via Yahoo Messenger what I learned and think about typhoon Pepeng. But I failed to persuade the other 5. Reasons were:

  • One was afraid of brown-outs because they feared that Meralco (NCR’s Lone power distributor) would cut of the supply once Pepeng landfalled. I think they didn’t saw this news .
  • One can’t go because of flood in their area.
  • One I had difficulty in contacting as his brother won’t relay messages to him.
  • One just outright decided not to go.
  • One was not allowed to go by authority of his mother, I think they knew pepeng would affect NCR like Ondoy. Which as I predicted, didn’t happen.
  • and finally the “110% sure to come” decided to cancel an hour before departure. Nice eh?

I could have canceled totally if it weren’t for them.

When the first 2 decided to opt out, I called Jonlene, Lei, Ram, and Righ and invited them over the week before. Without hesitation whatsoever all of them were able to come  and we met after 9PM (Righ was late) then we headed to Cavite right after that.

We had so much fun during the night, we barbecued together, ate together, got drunk together, spilled the beans on each other (lol) , and all that while the weather was soooo nice. We went on till 6 in the morning the following day. Oh by the way, note to self: DONT DRINK A 90PROOF VODKA EVER AGAIN ahahahahaha.

The following day we were all drunk, the world is spinning around too much, the girls slept in the guest room while me and righ outlandishly camped out in the wooden hut outside (lols). I was actually cleaning before I lost consciousness so when me and righ woke up our place wasn’t dirty at all. Trust me it was not easy cleaning up while everything around you is spinning.

the following day I was so groggy my eyes don’t like the sun shining on it. lols. They however don’t seem to mind it at all. hahaha!

It was a perfect and typical sunny day with a pleasant cool breeze the next day. My only source of irritation was the sun as it stings my eyes I didn’t find it funny (lols). We traveled back to Manila and went on our separate ways when we reached Boni Mandaluyong City.

All and all I had soooo much fun and was so glad I decided to un-cancel my party. Best bday (belated) so far (lols).

Im still waiting for some of the other pics to get uploaded but I’ll be sure to share it with you guys when they’re done. I don’t have all the sets as of right now.

To Jonlene, Lei, Righ, Ram and my family together with tito Omeng and Bernie, Thank You for the wonderful time. The food and everything was great ^_^ here’s to hoping there would be another 🙂




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