24 08 2009

Bombshells? Like this one?

No! Because for one that is an actual Bomb in a Bombshell!

Then how about this one?


And it’s definitely NOT the bombshell explained on wiki .

If you definitely want to know then just find out after the jump!

Bombshells are like the name implies a casing for a bomb, however, we (me and righ) uses it differently as someone who is/are:

  • Clueless
  • Dumb
  • Stupid
  • Moron
  • an Idiot
  • Insensitive
  • Arrogant
  • Nonsense
  • Dull
  • Hopeless

So when I call you a bombshell or a potential bombshell don’t take it as a compliment (specially if you’re a girl -> because I definitely am NOT talking about your “assets”). Instead think of it and find out if you fit into any of those criteria above and do something about it.

So do I know any bombshells?

The answer is: yes.

But I won’t give away names or anything, it’s bad enough they’ve proven themselves unlucky enough to be marked as one.

The bombshell theory was not my own invention but it was passed down on me by my good friend Righ. And true enough there do exist people who manages to drift towards being a bombshell. I have nothing wrong against them but I just don’t want to be involved with them anymore. They are a taboo when they get the bombshell mark meaning they shouldn’t be talked about in my presence.

Can a bombshell redeem him/herself? I don’t know about righ but I may give chance to those few who I have personally labeled as one. Just prove to me that I was wrong, that I was out of my mind when I gave you that title and I’ll revoke it immediately and scratch you away from the bombshells or the “failed bomb” list.

I hope now that you guys can think about what you’re doing now that you know what a bombshell is.




2 responses

1 09 2009

Damn… i want some “hardbody bombshells” hahaha jk

15 09 2009

damn…. “hardbody” AND a “bombshell” damn…. all looks and no brain? ha! I know some 😀

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