End of Mid-term (again)

16 01 2009


Today the midterms officially ended, not that I cared much since I finished mine last Wednesday.

But for some I know, specially those who are in the verge of graduating this coming sem, they find this there second (or third) final time to take their mid-terms.

Honestly, ever since I entered College, I never really took any exams (midterm, quizzes, finals) seriously, OK so maybe I did once or twice but that was because it was a major subject and it was my pride and joy to pass it.

But other than those, I never really found myself to study for any of those test and still I manage to pass them all, even if some of my peers who took the same exam as mine, and clearly showed signs of stress that they studied for it failed. I call it luck I or I also call it going with the flow of things. I figured if I over stress myself by studying for a mid-term or any exam then I’ll definitely look like that guy in the image above. Stress and I don’t go well together and stress is one word in the dictionary that I try my best to avoid.

Stress leads to anxiety and anxiety leads to depression, I don’t have a remedy for depression because I never get depressed. If I do get depressed then you’ll find me in a slump or brooding in my room, no way! God knows how I look like when I brood and loss my sanity! Trust me when I’m down, I’m down, down as in down there at the depths of Hell!

I swear to myself that how negative things life throw at me that I’ll accept it, because I made a self pact that I would never-ever be depressed.

Hell week as they so calls it (from other schools as well) comes only 4 or 6 times per academic year for semestral based colleges, or double/triple for trimestral colleges. It’s the dreaded mid-term and final week. Again dreaded for them not for me!

So here I am spending my free time at my favorite out campus solo hang-out place at Robinsons Mall, Boni. Waiting for my laptop’s battery to die out on me before going home. I was suppose to go to a beads shop today and other plans with Righ but I decided to postpone it till the 23rd so that we can also watch Underworld: Rise of the Lycans when it comes out in the cinema, that is one movie I wasn’t expecting and I just found out about it when I saw the huge tarpauline hanging in the Shangri-la malls while I was sardined in the MRT on my way home from school. Believe me it was only by chance that I managed to see it amidst all the people pushing and groping inside the MRT car.

So basically there we have it, I have managed to survive this years first mid-term and now I plan to take it easy till finals since it’s all about submitting requirements from here on out, and since I have submitted of it already, I guess I’m almost thru this sem 🙂

I hope my classmates did the same and I wish to see them all again this coming sem.




3 responses

9 02 2009

Good policy not to get stressed out and not to get depressed. Always be happy, ika nga… even amidst the pushing and groping in the MRT. 🙂

11 02 2009

Oh it’s toe! Thanks for dropping by! Im a big fan of yours! Your LTO experience made me laugh so hard!

29 04 2009

MRT is not a car. XD

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