Students Suspended for Blogging!

15 01 2009

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GMANews.TV – QTV: High school students supended for blog vs principal – Video – Official Website of GMA News and Public Affairs – Latest Philippine News – BETA

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This is alarming inded!

I’m a blogger, I support freedom of speech but what they (the school officials) have done is certainly an extremity of punishment just for saying out or blogging out what they want!

But I wouldn’t be suprised their principal did this to them, with her name: Zenaida Panti Sadsad. I can understand that she may suffered enough insults since then. I’m sure you know what a Panti/Panties/Panty are(is) and here in the Philippines when said out loud it denotes a negative connotation and having it in a name surely hits the spot. On top of that it has Sadsad in it which in turn is another negative word.

Being a professional in the education industry and a principal to top it, one in her position should know how to tolerate such criticism! If freedom of speech wasn’t invented we might have never been released from the grimy claws of the spanish conquistadors. Of all people, us, filipinos know what it is to have democracy and freedom. We fought for it and maybe that’s why they slandered you and your school. They may have seen something wrong with you and/or the school to write something that provocative and you condemned them to a suspension – which by the way won’t look good on their personal records. But maybe the exposure would and at the same time ping back at you Madame Zenaida Panti Sadsad for being a dictator and killer of freedom.

To those from the QC Science High, I salute you!

I once condemned and sent to the guidance office my High School teacher and adviser back then about acting beyond the rules of the teachers code of conduct and believe me it didn’t go without repercussion. Maybe it’s natural there’s always a consequence to what we do, but if we don’t fight for what we are standing up against, then nothing would improve.

But what I learned from what I did was that I’m a capable debater and I love to seek the truth out of anyone, my sociology professor once said to me “You would be a dangerous lawyer because I can sense that you can bend the law and sense any loophole and use it to your advantage”. She’s right though and that is what I did back then, I excel in argumentation and philosophy all because of my thirst to light a particular subject.

I might be sending out vibes that I”m an activist or something, no I’m not. In fact I don’t support any activist group I know and heard of but that doesn’t mean I would be getting on their way when their out on the street. I prefer a more diplomatic and civilized approach than a protest but we have our own set of preferences. Yes read that clearly Madame Zenaida “Our own set of preferences”.

Luckily for you Madame Zenaida Panti Sadsad that I wasn’t a part of your school or you would, by now, recieved a subpeona from the board of educators declaring that what you have done compromised my freedom of expression, my rights as a student, and my rights as a human living in a democratic country!

For the parents of those who were wrongly punished, you should stand up for what is right. If you believe that what your children have done is not wrong then go and make an appeal to the regional board like any reasonable parent would do.

My father understood what happened to me and I didn’t  heard him dissapointed of the decision my high school gave me and you shouldn’t! Be proud that your kids know what is right and wrong and they know how to expose them.

I hope that anyone who reads this get inspired to voice out their feeling and show their long hidden vengeance. As long as freedom remains free, don’t ever be afraid to use it.




One response

17 01 2009

i had an experience before as what you experience right now…cheer up and everythin’ will be alright…god bless…


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