Happy New Year – Welcome Year of the Ox!

9 01 2009

happy-new-year (Belated) Happy New Year Everyone!

2008 had been one hell of a year for most of us, unfortunately for me not much has change from 07-08.

Some updates after the jump!

Happy New Year again!

Anyways as I were saying I know some people who considered 2008 for them quite a hefty year, since most of them are already on the verge of graduatin from college and enetering what most of us fear or love… work and responsibility.

I myself try to avoid thinking about working when I graduate from college (estimated 2011 + 1 1/2 years optional), I find myself hard press on looking for employment and I shudder to think about asking my father for help on finding a job for me.

Admittedly I’m one of those fortunate enough to be born with a silver spoon so they say, pampered since childhood and being an only child of a singe-father. Yet as much as possible I try to hide that fact to people because I don’t want them to think of me indifferently and most of you that know me knows that I’m not picky of who my friends are despite their social status.

That brings us to me thinking of myself living alone with no rules to follow, I hate rules and I hate being told what to do. Always hated it but never the wiser to express myself. Let’s just say I’m a rebel by heart. If I manage to net myself a high income job somewhere (think callcenter) that suits my lifestyle (night-dawn person, never a morning-dusk) then I could afford to have my own place to live in where I’m the rule and whatever I say goes, with the extra income from the job and my… silver spoon, it is a possibility.

But why am I ranting about that, hahaha maybe I’m just affected by those jobless bums that I know and I encounter on the streets of this impoverished poorer than poor country I’m in whose prosecutors don’t even know a thing about proper grammar.

Anyways, 2009 is here and so far so good my school works haven’t been boorish much but that may change, mid-term is about to start and the summer rush should begin shortly after that, I’m set to take summer this term to catch up on some back subjects and some requirements.

Some updates that happened to me last year, I got sick.. yes sick, I thought I would have a sickness free year last year but some b-a-s-t-a-r-d infected me with his/her chickenpox and plunged my december holiday break into total boredom from being quarantined at home! If I ever found out who gave me that infection I would give him a piece of my mind in the form of a fist.

By far last year’s holiday break was the worst holiday I ever had in my life, good thingwe have today’s medicine or I would have been like that far longer than now. I have currently recovered from the chickenpox catastrophe but it left me with several craters on my face and visible scars on my body and my arms specially  in the back of my left hand. It would take almost 3 months for this to completely heal up and for the redness in my face to disappear, my skin complexion added up to the problem since I’m fairly whiter than most filipinos making the scars more visible since it’s recovering and restoring my old darker skin prior to my application of whitening soap.

It left me with a rather low self-esteem and a bit anti-social and you would rarely see me going out in public unless necessary (like right now, I’m blogging in Kitaro Pioneer Branch in Mandaluyong) so if you see me don’t expect me to have a long conversation with you speecially if you have a bunch of people that I know nothing about.

Aside from the chickenpox mishap, my new year was rather cold… literally, since we celebrated the new year in our resthouse at Cavite and at that time the winds when they blow is howling and like singing, it’s not creepy eventhough we were in a rather secluded area of the subdivision it was rather cool, a breather from the hot humid atmosphere here in the metro.

I helped myself with a plate full of shrimps and engorge myself with it till there was nothing left of it, I swear I could have turned into one if I ate a single more. There were lots of food served in the table but I can’t remember exactly what there names are except for the shrimp, hehe.

I haven’t thought about a new years resolution yet, I would likely have one by the next couple of days or weeks and maybe if it’s not compromising then i’ll post it here, maybe some of you can help me achieve it. But I’m pretty sure  it has something to do with my “other” self my “persona” (oooohhhh…. mysterious!! 🙂 )

I’ll leave that one for your imagination or if I decided to post about it.

But for now, it’s getting dark and my battery is about to run out and I’m gonna need to plug it in to charge it and unfortunately I left the charger at home, needless to say i have to go home 🙂

Till next time, thanks for reading and HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE.




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