ZxOnline CBT Experience…

26 11 2008

What’s more worst than waiting for a new game to launch it’s CBT phase?

It’s finding out you would only be disappointed with it.


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I expected something more from the makers of Perfect World online, yes, if you still don’t know it yet, Levelup Games Perfect World and E-games’ ZxOnline or Zhuxian Online was created by the same company Beijing Perfect World Co., Ltd.

First Problem – Patching.

I still don’t know if there’s a patch but they released a manual patch that seems to fix (sort of) the patcher problem. The thing is I installed it and nothing seem to have been fixed it still is saying “failed to connect to update server, try other update server” and showing a non-existent webpage in the what’s supposedly a notice area.


Lacking of a good translation.

I understand that this is one of the first english translated version of the game (the other under Cubinet.com) but the lack of translation is utterly devastating. I mean how many players in the Philippines do they think can read chinese letters? Those fortunate enough may ignore this but for the majority and I mean “the majority” this means a lot.


Can anyone translate that for me?

You’ll also see a lot of that in-game. System announcements are also sent out to players in Chinese.

Lack of Customization.

Perfect World is unique with their character customization system, in a sense that you can really make some  unique looking avatars that may look like anyone from George Bush, Obama, or a player favorite Maria Ozawa. But Unfortunately for zxonline they don’t have this feature. Instead you get the usual “pool” of available looks

zxonline-char-creationSo plain

What’s worst is that you don’t keep the face and hairstyle you have chosen after the first series of quest as the equippable “helmet” or “hair accessories” changes your hairstyle to a set look

2008-11-22-03-55-54OMGWTFBBQ It’s like… magic magic magic!

Not that I’m complaining with that look, but I’m complaining for how I think that hundreds will look exactly like me… ack…

And You know what irk me the most?

I can’t even spell Reiciello as my avatar name!!! Whaaaaaaa!! The first ever in an MMORPG or in any forms that I need to have my Reiciello name can’t be completed, it would go as far as Reiciel…. That’s a girls name for pete’s sake!

It’s just the beginning, CBT, who knows? Maybe they’ll find my blog and some other that had this trouble or inconvenience… I never played the original version nor am I planning to so I can’t really give out an unbias comparison. Let’s just hope that they’ll be able to fix these issues.




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