November 1 = relaxation day

4 11 2008

Happy Halloween everyone! I may have delayed this post a day after halloween was celebrated here in the philippines but it doesn’t matter at all that much!

Jump Forward if you want to know what happened to me during Halloween

First and foremost, my family don’t celebrate Halloween or any Roman Catholic influenced holiday/feast/celebration, we do however take advantage of the holiday that usually comes along with them.

And for me the holiday is perhaps why catholics or non-catholics alike looks forward to having these numerous holidays.

By the way I never did mention what my religion was, no? – well I’m a member of the Iglesia ni Cristo since I was a kid (that’s Church of Christ in english) and needless to say from my grandparents to my cousins we are all members of the same church aside from far relatives.

Now enough tidbits about me, lets start with what I want to share with you this Hallow day.

The night before the 12:00AM of November 1, the team got together and had a drink fest in ja’s house again, that would mark it the second time we went to them to have a drink with the team since last year december I believe.

To be honest I don’t quite know the reason why we really went there to drink but it’s just me always wanting to have a reason for what I do. Maybe the best possible reason is that we just wanted to bond with one another again and thats as good as a reason can be!

And as far as I can remember on top of the hang-over is that I really… REALLY… expressed some thoughts I never knew I had, and if some of the guys will read this then I can honestly tell you all that I did not regret what I did, but I do however am thinking of the consequences of my actions. And if for some reason he’s reading this, we’ve been thru that already and we are not Gods to play with time and we can’t turn it back at will… needless to say I did not regret it as I’ve already mentioned.

And a message to the team especially to ja (who’s been bugging me tell everyone). Thank You if you understand what I did, but I wont hold any grudges or ill-feelings if  ever you damned me for my actions. And I want to say that I now don’t owe you guys an explanation after telling it last to patz last nov. 1.

Why did I included that in my “relaxation” post, you may ask. Because enlightment is another path to relaxation, you can’t relax if you have a burden looming before you.

November 2

I went with my family to our rest house at Silang, Cavite. I had no plans for that day so I was free to go, otherwise I would have stayed at Manila and attended to things like my choir practice every sundays and thursdays.

I tested my N73’s WIFI capabilites with the Smart 3G network, and considering that I was in the province where network receptions are often poor, the Smart 3G was otherwise able to deliver a satisfying service despite the frequent disconnections but that’s alright.

Every time I’m in the province I can’t help but to eat and eat and eat, not good for me unless I want to end up like rolly polly olly or like my dad 😛

We went home early that night night because Nov. 3 is the first day of the Second semester of the school year and I can’t be late for that, even just for that day. But I’ll leave that for another day!

Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed your brief holiday as well, because I surely did. Too bad I wasn’t able to get some pictures from the drink fest. (damn I was drunk hahahahaha)

Again, have a nice – and – pleasant day to everyone!




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