ZxOnline CBT Experience…

26 11 2008

What’s more worst than waiting for a new game to launch it’s CBT phase?

It’s finding out you would only be disappointed with it.


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14 11 2008


I just had to write about this since if you can remember back then I was having problem with their service.

But guess what? It has been the longest time since I never had any problem with my DSL connection.

I just want to say it out loud, thank you PLDT for a service well done (even with all the bumps along the way 🙂 ) I hope it continues.

November 1 = relaxation day

4 11 2008

Happy Halloween everyone! I may have delayed this post a day after halloween was celebrated here in the philippines but it doesn’t matter at all that much!

Jump Forward if you want to know what happened to me during Halloween

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