Reiciello went mobile.

4 10 2008

Finally got my new laptop, that means I’m finally mobile right now.

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Right, as you may have notice I haven’t been updating my blog for quite a while now, and if you’ve read thru some of my blog post from the past couple of months I was asking myself and you as well whether if I should upgrade my desktop pc or get a PSP, well… none of those 2 happened and what did happen was the more “in the future” of my plan, yes, that’s the “get a new laptop and toss out my desktop for good” option I wrote in there as well.

My dad bought me a laptop for my bday last September 26, I didn’t think twice about getting a laptop since I actually needed the mobility it offered, the sad thing is I had to give up my desktop for it.

Funny thing is, days after I got my laptop, my desktop went haywire and the PSU went ballistic all of a sudden, I had to switch the PSU from my old pc from the province to replace the one that went “ka-blewy” here. Fortunately, I loss no data from that incident as it didn’t actually create an extreme power surge to corrupt the hard drive or any other part of the PC.

Back to the topic, anyways, I’m now reviving this blog since I can actually edit it while I’m outside because I have a wireless internet with me and If I can’t use that, I’ll just sstop by the nearest WIFI hotspot around.




One response

7 10 2008

finally an update! ahahaha. but still your laptop is gay. 🙂

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