Into Writing again…

24 06 2008

Sorry if I haven’t updated my blog that much lately.

As you may already know, summer time is over in my country and that means school have resumed and I am still in College. Im now starting my Sophomore Year(s) these coming two terms and I am hoping that I can advance to my Junior Year(s) after these two terms.

Aside from the start of the new academic school year, I have also begun writing a short novel again since I stopped 6 years ago. Let’s just say I’m inspired right now and I have free time in-between classes and breaks, not to mention that my classes begins in the afternoon with the exception of my Saturday Class.

I don’t usually spill the details of what I’m writing unless I have it printed and in hardbound. But to at least give you guys an insight, I’ll tell you where I found the inspiration, It came to me when me and Righ watched The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.

First off I’m not doing a spin-off from the chronicles, it’s a totally different story, but it does share some striking similarities (OK spoiler alert).

I’m currently in the process of building the foundation of the story – meaning the world they will have to move in, i.e the continent/planet/place/etc. they (the characters) have to interact with.

The story still has no name and I’m looking for creative ideas (though I have found some) to create a name for the book but I’m planning on doing this task last – who knows? I just might follow it up with a sequel haha!

Oh and I also asked my Dad to buy me a notebook (a lightweight laptop)  so that I can have access to my files wherever I go. Writing stuffs in pen and paper is tiring you know – but I have to find someone who can do the sketches for me. Anyone out there interested in helping me just drop me a comment ^_^

Anyways, that’s all for now, when I get that notebook I promise that I’ll be updating more – I have lots of things that I want to share with you guys, but it all have to wait till I get that notebook.

A bientot (means see you soon – and pronounced as a – bee – en – tou)!




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