Rapidshare: non-rapid waiting time

8 06 2008

My previous post about Rapidshare’s captcha system was a hit and garnered  a lot of readers based on WordPress’ statistics. I’m not trying to initiate a Rapidshare bashing campaign but I just had to post my latest findings of all the ridiculous things Rapidshare is implementing.

I’m gonna share with you guys about the LOOONNGGG waiting time Rapidshare give to it’s users.

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non-rapid wait time

Notice carefully that I’m being asked to wait for 71 minutes to download my requested file from them then notice also that under their “free” services’ download volume of “1file-per-hour”, I’m not that good in Math but 71 minutes is not equal to 1hour.

If you’ve been using Rapidshare for a long time now you’ll also notice that they have redesigned their site, and If you’ve read my former post about it’s captcha then you’ll also notice the introduction of the Rapdishare “Happy hour” which deactivates the captchas completely (which is a welcome option, one good point for them). However, I’ve also noticed that Download rates are now capped at 25Kbps (not good), and they are now more aggressive in selling their premium services to us. Filesend and Mediafire have the same download limit but not the loooonng waiting time and the less aggressive and less intruding offering for premium services.

I have here a list of some good and bad things I noticed when using Rapdishare.

The Good:

  • Stable Servers
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Long File storage time (30 days without download)
  • A nice UI (User interface)
  • A 100MB file limit per upload and download
  • Happy Hour (Download without security captchas)

The Bad:

  • Long wait time before downloading a file (about 2.6 Minutes at average)
  • Confusing captchas
  • Horrendously long wait time after a successful download (about an hour or more)
  • Intrusive and overly aggressive “premium services” ads
  • 25kbps max download speed

What I can recommend to RS is that they get their acts straight, they’re becoming less and less appealing to me and I hope to some of you as well. Their are better filehosting sites out there like Mediafire, Filesend and Megaupload to name a few, just stay away from Sendspace as it’s much more worst than Rapidshare.

I urge every file uploaders to switch their hosts to some other non-RS and non-SS hosting services if you care for the people downloading your shared files.




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