Into Writing again…

24 06 2008

Sorry if I haven’t updated my blog that much lately.

As you may already know, summer time is over in my country and that means school have resumed and I am still in College. Im now starting my Sophomore Year(s) these coming two terms and I am hoping that I can advance to my Junior Year(s) after these two terms.

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Is in-love again?!

9 06 2008

First of all I just want to say that I wasn’t expecting this to happen!Hearts

To be honest I don’t expect for a lot of things to happen to me right now, I’m like a glob of unexpectedness.

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Rapidshare: non-rapid waiting time

8 06 2008

My previous post about Rapidshare’s captcha system was a hit and garnered  a lot of readers based on WordPress’ statistics. I’m not trying to initiate a Rapidshare bashing campaign but I just had to post my latest findings of all the ridiculous things Rapidshare is implementing.

I’m gonna share with you guys about the LOOONNGGG waiting time Rapidshare give to it’s users.

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6 06 2008

Okay okay! I want to apologize first for being away for so long!

But there’s a really good explanation for my hiatus and I’ll explain it briefly below:

1) Schoolworks

2) Poor, crappy, worthless connection (main reason mainly)

3) Too depressed to use my PC

4) Other stuffs

ok so mainly number 2 and 3 would be the most standing-out of all the reasons I have, let’s talk about number 2 first, hmm let see for the past 1 Month I’ve been experiencing slow to no internet connectivity and my internet provider (PLDT) hasn’t really been much of a help, no scratch that, they haven’t helped at all not until we told them that we are now willing to switch to another ISP (Globe) if their crappy service prevail. Amazingly it worked and I have a good (though not like the former and better speed) speed from them now. Now let’s elaborate reason number 3, no I’m not depressed as “Depressed Emotionally” to use my PC, I’m depressed to use it because it’s already a run-down PC that needs to be replaced soon, I’m no longer satisfied with it’s performance  and even the simplest of task (like writing to my blog or term paper) becomes a bastion of problems. I mean it’s still good, despite it’s age but my needs are not being satisfied anymore, I crave for more, more, more I say! (ooppps kinda lost myself there sorry for that 🙂 ). Reason number 1 is pretty self explanatory, I’ve attended summer classes to help me complete some minor subjects and even though they’re not that hard, it still took some time away from me and you. Reason number 4 however involved several things like with my family, friends and social life.

So there, basically for now I may have the time again to write but I don’t how long it would last, my notebook is broken so I don’t have an on the go method of editing and monitoring my blog from anywhere I am. But still thank you so much for bearing with me, even though I’m not that much of a blogger as I wish I am, I still want to pursue it ^_^

Till time know when, you’ll read more from me, till then!