Ragnarok World Championships ’08 (RWC) – Philippines!

28 04 2008

Yep! You read the title right, this year the Philippines would be the host country for the prestigious tournament that started with the introduction of Ragnarok Online. This is a great news for those who used to play or are still playing Ragnarok Online here in the Philippines.

The question now is would my former guild(s) take this chance to revive our defunct organization?

I for one have retired from playing pRO for almost a year now, the last time was when I was playing a Clown and/or a Gypsy at Tyr with the occasional appearance of my SinX.

But my home server is Baldur with my guild there, Signum Fidei.

I for one miss my guild and I would love for us to be as active as we were before. I may have never played for a tournament but having to just help them to go the tournament is enough for me. I want to see our guild logo waving during an official tournament.

I want to join but it still depends on whether my guild would join because I don’t want to help any other guilds than my own.

Thank You for reading guys!




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28 04 2008

Lols,,after 5 yrs ngaun lng naisipan ganapin ung RWC d2 satin

but,come to think of it,,at least may homecourt advantage na tayo un nga lng,,competitive naman ba ang mga players natin?

I’m not saying that pRO players were not competitive enough for an international tournament but for the benefit of the doubt I’ll include it. Sana lng wag mangyari ung katulad nung first RWC na ung team indonesia(host country)may +10 equips na editted tpos natalo pa din hahaha un lng

ja logging off

20 05 2008

this i got to see
pRO screenies here

20 05 2008

Sus…private server lang ako…nadidiri ako sa systema ng ROph

21 09 2008

mki sabi nga po sa mga GM ibalik RWC sa sakray
nagkakatuan lng po kac kami dun eahh
champ ung saq kaibigan kuh sakin paladin lordknight ska clown
plzzz dai ko nah po gastos dun T_T nmn akuh
plzzz nmn po maawa kau saming magkakaibigan

cge na poh

pinaka mabait na GM si cassiel hahahaahahahaha sa valk un ha di sa sakray

12 02 2009

Peffy dati maganda ang pagpapatakbo ng pRO nung hawak pa siya ng gravity, pero nung hinawakan na nang “iba” naging disaster na. Talamak na talaga ang pag pphp, dati naka boys cap ka lang sikat ka na sa pinaglalaruan mong cafe haha. Sinira nang “iba” ang essence ng pRO kaya maraming nag quit.

29 04 2009


din ako! 😀

FU, LU!!! XD

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