Team Haxors: Drinking Fest!

26 04 2008

This was almost 5 days ago well actually 6, but what the heck I’ll blog it anyway!

Team Haxors

I’m gonna blog about what happened during the drink fest, I was thinking whether I should blog about it in Tagalog (my native tongue) or continue posting in English. After looking at the blog stats I decided to blog it in English considering my visitors from who knows where from the world may read it.

Now then, pls. go on in!

-The Planning Phase-

How should I start? Okay let’s see, uhm this party was planned way ahead and the schedule was sent to me by ja via IM. It was to celebrate one of the team member’s birthday, Peffy (the one who created the logo).

It was scheduled April 19, 2008 5PM and even before that date invitations were already sent out to the rest of the team members, including non or “to be assessed” members.


D-day came and luck favored me, supposedly I had classes on a Saturday from 3PM-6PM and I did sent out notice to peffy and ja that I may just go directly to his (peffy’s) house if I weren’t able to go to the rendezvous point at my former school, Don Bosco Technical College. However, it turns out that my prof. Sir Rogen Apsay managed to remove our Saturday class in return he extended our Tuesday and Thursday classes till 7:30PM which is alright considering I hate Saturday classes.

On my way back from school, I decided to head back home first to change my clothes since I’m feeling a bit uneasy going to a party with a fitted shirt and jeans (I hate it when I bloat in my fitted shirts). While riding the MRT I sent a txt message to Ja and Ards asking them if they have peffy’s cell number and also to inform them that I can make it on time. Ja replied first and sent me peffy’s Sun and Globe numbers and also told me that he may also come in late because he is still “escorting” his “girlfriend(s)”, after reading Ja’s message, Ard’s reply came and I read it, it also contained Peffy’s numbers as well as a note that he will not be able to join us. Honestly I was shock to read that considering he was the one who reminded me about the party on the 19th, heck go figure because up to now I haven’t asked him why he wasn’t able to join us.


After a brief stop at my house and a change of clothes (I decided to wear light clothings and a short pants) I headed out to DBTC after checking my clock; 5:10PM, great I’m running late. The jeep I rode in was fairly decent he wasn’t stopping everytime he sees someone waiting for a PUV so I kinda made time there and it only took me about 20 minutes to get to the school, the only hindrance was near the Aglipayan Church and the intersection going to the school.

I arrived outside the school at about 5:30PM and on my way down from the jeep I came across some batch mates but I didn’t greet them, I saw Mark going in to the gates and I just knew that I wasn’t late yet, much to my surprise I was the last one to arrive. I was greeted by an unsightly face upon my arrival, it belonged to Glenn, I wasn’t expecting him to come even though I did told him about the event thru IM. I delivered to them the bad news that Ards couldn’t make it and that I don’t know the reason why. We entered the school and talked about “stuffs” or “nasty stuffs” about our former school and noticed the demolished accounting office while occasionally throwing quirky remarks and speculations as to why it’s demolished, of course I know that it’s being remodeled or maybe even transferred. We got into peffy’s van and inside we decided to “pick-up” Ards even though I knew that it’s gonna be a waste of time I (the optimists in me) also agreed that maybe there was a chance he can come if we pick him up. On the way out of the school, peffy drifted the van… yeah he drifted a van… crazy *toot* *toot* to drift a *toot* van!

-Ards, Glenn. and a missing phone-

Hello traffic congested streets of Mandaluyong, we encountered congestions along the way but it wasn’t that bad. We made it to Ards place and Me, Ja and Jed got out of the van to see Ards in his house. What greeted us was his maid I think, followed by his younger sister i think, then him in his hard-to-explain got-out-from-the-bed distressed look, we encouraged him to come with us but he was a tough *ahem* “fruit” to convince and we ended up leaving without him. Back at the van, chaos was ensuing because Glenn “lost” his phone and he went into panic mode driving everybody in the van to look for it but everybody failed to find it and Glenn and Peffy speculated that it might have been lost at school or at the Market Place (a low-end sorry excuse for a mall in-front of DBTC). So we head back and on the way peffy and glenn decided to make a stop over at the Ice Plant to make a final sweep of the van to find the missing phone, when Peffy got out of the drivers seat I was greeted by a metallic looking plastic trapped in-between the seats and Lo-and-behold it was the missing phone, it drove Glenn into a fit and started throwing curses at us in the back seats one by one, what a sense of gratitude and sense of stupidity!

-Pats and the Mango Vendor’s Cart-

After that pointless mishaps, we now drove to pats’ place. It wasn’t that far from the Ice Plant and we made it there quickly but if you’re expecting that the drive there was uneventful then you are so mistaken my dear readers. The road towards Pats’ place was too narrow and we barely managed to squeeze the van in, peffy handed me his phone and instructed me to call pats’ to tell him that we will pick him up, the moment he asked me who I was from the phone, we were already outside his house. We opened the van’s side door and let him in, on the way out of that narrow street, peffy had to turn the van around along the curve, while he was backing up ja was yelling “Banggain mo yung kariton ng Mangga!” (hit the mango cart), I too wasn’t expecting anything to be behind us not until we heard a loud “thump” coming from the back of the van… we just hit the mango vendors cart, fortunately it wasn’t severe and we drove out laughing from our stupidity and pity for the vendor who was clearly startled while he was getting out of the way. On the way to who knows where ja made a stopover at Maddy’s place to pick something up but it looked like she wasn’t at her house and we headed out. (It turns out the coming day that she WAS there we just left early before she could even greet ja)

-The drive to peffy’s house-

I wasn’t exactly sure of where we are that time and where we were going except for the fact that we were heading to peffy’s house, aside from that he was talking about something he should’ve done earlier before going to the rendezvous point. When we got there I saw a BDO branch and hurried to it hoping that it was open (BDO is open on weekends till 7:30) because I was running out of cash and the only way I can get some is via over the counter cash out from my Smart Money account, unfortunately that certain branch is close darn it! We headed straight to peffy’s house after that.

-At peffy’s-

From this point on I will be explaining what happened at the party on my point of view, his house is too big for me to know what is happening inside while I was hanging around at the porch and to see what the others were doing inside or at the back, I may miss out some details about certain happenings to certain someone while they are out of my view.

The only persons I remembered with me on the porch was Pats, Mark and Jed. Glenn, Ja and Peffy was inside doing something I really don’t know, I speculate that Ja was using the PC as it is the only logical thing to do inside unless they mingled with peff’s family.

At some point, peffy came out carrying a water cooler with his bro carrying a half filled gallon bottle of water, Jed remarked it looking like a washing machine and saying other crazy things, take note we haven’t started drinking yet by that time, it’s just his normal self.

Glenn followed and him and peffy talked about getting some ice from the nearby ice plant, they decided not to take the van as it was deemed unnecessary as we were just going to buy tubes of ice. Me, Mark and Jed decided to tag along seeing as we weren’t doing anything and just to kill some time away.

-Me, Mark a Motor Bicycle and a Coke Zero Bottle-

We walked towards the Ice Plantation, Mark and I were talking at the back while the other 3 was phases ahead of us. Half-way there we saw a motor powered bicycle (yes it’s a bike with a motor, not a motorcycle) and we talked about it until we realized that peffy and the rest was no longer in our sight, so we hurried and caught up with them at the turn while we told Jed about what we saw. We crossed the street and went inside a 7-Eleven store and bought some colas, Two Coke Zero and Two Sprites to be exact, We then headed to the Ice Plant which was on the other side of the road and a short distance away from the store. On the way to the Ice Plant, Glenn asked me whether I should carry the bottles OR the Ice, I said I would volunteer on the ice. When we got to the plant he showed a whole block of ice the size of 6 double layered hallow blocks and said that that was the one I should carry, yeah right in his dreams! There was a lot of people also buying Ice from the plant and it took us minutes before it was our turn to be served, during the wait Glenn showed to us his bleeding finger and explained to us that he was curious as to why his wounds doesn’t close up as fast as the average person does, he rubbed some of his blood on my cheeks and I didn’t care since I kinda thought that it shouldn’t stick to me, he then rubbed most of it at Jed’s shirt and it seems to be ok with him, after a while Glenn asked me to wipe my cheeks of his blood… seems I was wrong some did manage to stick to me, go figure how. It turned out that the Ice Plant was out of Ice… Ice Tubes that is and that the only Ice available was that block of Ice. We decided to leave and head back to the house, Glenn handed over to me the plastic with the four bottles and I asked Mark to help me carry it. After a while he decided that we should split up the bottles between us to make things easier, so he got 2 and he left the plastic with the remaining 2 bottles for me while he carried the other 2 with his bare hands. When we reached the small store where we saw the motor powered bike, Mark accidentally dropped the Coke Zero bottle resulting in it cracking and sending splashes of it to 2 passerby as well as to himself and Jed, fortunately I was out of the bottle’s way that’s why I didn’t got hit by the spill. We explained what happened to peffy who was ahead of us with Glenn and they ended up drinking what was left inside the bottle. When we reached the gate to peffy’s house, Jed went in ahead of Me and Mark and closed the gate leaving me and Mark outside, what an abnormal fool! I was kinda irritated because I faintly saw him looking at us before he closed the gate and it was long before someone noticed that we were still outside, fortunately I wasn’t in a bad mood to retaliate from his prank and just allowed myself to cool off for a while at the porch. At that time, Ja and Peffy decided to buy Ice again but they brought along the Van this time around, leaving me, Mark, pats, and Glenn who was preparing the drinks at the porch. I don’t know what happened to Jed but I didn’t want to talk to him yet but shortly he came out from the house and asked me and Mark where we were earlier… yeah right as if he didn’t knew!

-The main event-

I did mention that I was gonna miss out on some minor details regardless of what everybody else was doing, this is now the part where foods where being served at the table on the porch, there was sisig with nuts, some fried sliced porks, a pair of grilled tuna cheeks, 2 grilled fish, some kind of lasagna with tuna sauce, rice, and peanut butter… hehe. Jed have already started eating some of the fried porks after the rest of us decided to join in. I took some sisig and commented that it tasted good with the nuts, I also took some lasagna and a hefty amount of the fried pork which I dipped on my soy sauce filled with red chillies. I don’t want to go into details about what Jed and Me were talking about while eating because It would also drive you into puking and might also throw curses at me like what Glenn did. After the meals it took some time before peffy served to us the first round of drinks, I faintly remembered pats gulping one shot of the Matador before the rest of us even began to drink. We did what we also did last time at Ja’s place, we took turns from drinking accompanied with your choice of chasers. It’s not long that Glenn served to us what he was making while Ja and Peff were buying the ice. It was a blowjob some cocktails combined together that when I took a drink of it after the toast with everyone, it’s taste was like menthol and it felt like Vicks was being rubbed on my neck, it was refreshing and it also tasted good. By the way Glenn is at this time taking up major in HRM I think and he now knows some bartenders trade. He even knew how to juggle the bottles like a professional bartender albeit with a little more practice he’ll do good in that career. That made me realize that each and everyone of us is now developing skills that we would someday use when we are no longer under the wings of our parents. Anyways, Mark being the youngest was the first one to feel the grogginess from that last drink as well as the drink I found out with the assurance of Glenn (it was brandy combined with soda together), that last drink drove me a bit groggy as well and things were getting a bit crazy even for me.

-The Interview, and my teddy bear – Mark-

After a short rest and relaxing spot in-front of the electric fan, Ja approached me and said that he will be making interviews with the main branch of team haxors – that includes me, him, jed, peffy, pats and ards who isn’t with us that time. An excerpt from my part of the interview:

unang nainterview: aleks(3 grand matador, 1 BJ, 1 adios motherfucker, ilang blue lagoon?)

T.H.: kmsta ang love life ng isang aleks erikson bella ngayon?
aleks: hmm,,remain as close friends pa rin kme ni cath
T.H.: maliban sa kanya meron ka pa bang ibang nagugustuhan ngayon?
aleks: si casey!
T.H.: sino naman itong si casey?
aleks: actually indi sya normal,,uhhmm,,(lagok 1 grand matador),,BADING sya
T.H.: wtf! d nga?
aleks: oo nga amp
T.H.: oh well d na kita kukulitin,,kelan nyo balak ituloy ang naudlot na outing?
aleks: mga 3rd week of may,,at sana lahat makasama na /pif
T.H.: sna nga!

Excuse me for those that can’t understand it, that interview is in tagalog and not exactly what he asked me that time but at least it’s 60% Accurate. The complete interview with a twist can be found here.

After that interview, Glenn gave Peffy, Ja and Me a new drink made with Lime Juice and I honestly didn’t hear Glenn instructing us not to drink it straight which by the way I did. I am certain by that time that that made me a bit drunk and what ensues next was with Mark turning into my Teddy Bear for a while. What I meant by Mark being my teddy bear is exactly as him being a teddy, we snuggled in-front of everyone while I occasionally fends off Peffy from stealing him away from me… Mind you this was brought upon me by the influence of Alcohol and if it weren’t for Mark I may have actually gone wild – Thanks Mark! He made me drink some of the coffee he requested from peffy and that helped clear out some toxins from my body and I started to regain some of my… well… self.

I’ve lost tracked of time by then and the last thing I remember is when Mark was already leaving for his home and me stopping Jed from following which at this point is more drunk than me because some toxins have already been removed from me with the help of the coffee. After some more drinks, things begun to settle down a bit, peff started to lay down some beddings for us to sleep at while I was outside which I honestly don’t know what I was doing by that time. The other thing I barely remember was that my phone was being passed around to answer the text messages coming from jonlene other than that it was the time I used the PC and watched pats PK some players on RF.

-Before Shut Eyes-

I remember correctly that it was 3AM and I can clearly see the full moon, everybody at this point is pretty much drunk or tired, Glenn went ahead from the rest of us and he was the earliest to sleep among us. Shortly Jed followed but had trouble sleeping, I myself was having trouble getting some shut eyes because I’m usually wide awake that time till morning. While waiting for the sandman to come, Ja and Pats finally decided to join us outside and get some shut eyes, however, before doing so, Pefs and Ja started paring us up with our former HS Teachers… I won’t mention who they were coz I really dont want to hahahaha.

-Morning Came, Aleks Still no Sleep-

I heard the first alarm coming from Glenn’s Cellphone, after a while the alarm from Ja followed and still nobody seemed to care. Pats and Me were up by that time and I really needed to go home before 8:45AM because I dont know if there were anybody home. Even though I wanted to wake them up I just waited it out a bit coz my head still aches and waking them up will only make things worst. Short after my own phone went into alarm mode for a brief duration only because it’s already been running low in battery since last night, and shortly after that, Glenn woke up and started to kick and nudge peffy to wake him up. Apparently it worked, Glenn decided to take a shower while the rest of us were driven by pefy to each our own streets, except for pats because he was dropped right in-front of his house. Jed and Me were dropped of at my street but Jed still had to take the tricycle to get to his house while it was only a short walk to my house from the drop of point and from there on we parted ways. Ja was left with peffy to drive him back to his own home. I arrived home and already anticipated that no one was home and I was right it seems everyone went to our province at Cavite on Saturday night. I had nothing to do and my head hurts so I slept the morning and woke up around 3:00PM and the rest were back to normal.

So that’s about it, I may have missed some details but I did wrote here about everything I experienced that day.

I have also added my share of the pics from the party and posted it on flickr, just click the flickr widget on the right side of my blog it should take you there directly.

I’ll follow up on some more stuffs when I get the time as well as to make a short history of the team, but for now let’s leave that for another day since it took me almost 2 days to write this blog.

Thank You for reading and I wish you all guys the best! Thank You for visiting my blog as well!




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26 04 2008

Yah lols that night was pretty retarded hahahaha!

26 04 2008


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