Worst Captcha I ever saw! -Rapidshare.com

24 04 2008

I was downloading stuffs from the net when I encountered a file hosted at rapidshare.com

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It’s not that I hate cats or dogs, it’s just that sometimes it’s hard to identify whether the animal inside the letters are either a cat or a dog.

The image I have is one of the easiest captcha from rapidshare’s new batch of captchas, it took me almost 6 tries just to get to that easy one, the others are just plain annoying.

I know it’s meant to prevent abusers from flooding the servers by automated downloads but the new captcha for me is a bit annoying especially with rapidshares long waiting time before it even appears, what’s worst is that you have to wait again every time you input the wrong code over and over again.

I hope they replace that captcha soon for other’s sake, I sparingly use rapidshare but I do believe that others prefer it over other file hosting services like filesend and I do believe as well that rapidshare is better than that other filehosting company who’s free servers are always “full” hahaha, full my b-hind you just want to force people to buy premium accounts from you!

I hope rapidshare changes this system soon for their own sake, it’s not attractive in my honest opinion. And if it’s not attractive why would I buy a premium account from them?




2 responses

17 10 2008

awesome post!!!!

3 09 2009
Ristoranti Italia

Sexy captcha. I really hate to see this things on the internet.

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