PSP or PC?

23 04 2008

The great question right now, should I buy a PSP or parts to upgrade my PC?


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The thing is as early as July and as late as October, I should have enough money to buy a new PSP Slim OR some new parts like a Mobo/CPU/PSU/Case for my PC.

But after doing some window shopping for both of them and after seeing the advertisements for the US PSP Version, it made me think whether I should stick to my PC and upgrade it and save up for a PSP much later OR do the opposite, buy a PSP Slim and save up for my new pc parts.

To help me decide or to help you help me decide, I made a PRO’s and CON’s of both scenarios:

Scenario 1

PC parts first, PSP Later:


1) Upgrades my PC and allows me to do things I can’t do before like play games in a nice framerate/sec

2) Basically doubles my PC’s usefulness not just in terms of games but school related as well

3) I can finally check that “Upgrade PC” to-do list which have been left undone since 2006


1) I still have that envy when I see someone playing their PSP’s on the go

2) no on the go games for me

3) lose the portable internet capability for the time being until I get one.

4) value of the console itself may deteriorate significantly as time pass-by.

Scenario 2

PSP First, PC parts Later:


1) I can now show-off not be shown-off haha!

2) Games on-the-go for me!

3) Wifi Internet to go!

4) Games are now readily available all over the net

5) I wont have to upgrade my PC to Vista yey! (I hate you Vista)


1) Another setback for my pc which is supposedly been upgraded on 2006

2) I’ll suffer from poor framerate/sec till I get that new MOBO and CPU

3) My current pc can no longer play next-gen games that are being released in the market.

So there it is basically screaming that I am a gamer and I use my PC to play games since 2004 when I decided to drop any more platforms other than the PC. Since 2004 i’ve always been a PC Platformer and I never bought a PS2 of my own, I bought one but it’s not for me haha.

The thing is, even before I was a PC platformer I’ve always enjoyed playing and doing things on the go, during those days the current handheld console advanced enough was the Nintendo Gameboy Color and the Nintendo Gameboy Advance.

The ability to have an internet on the go that the PSP have introduced to me made me wanted it more, the games are also fantastic (well not all of them). the graphics superb!

I’m also a movie freak, I download movies (yes I do!) to watch on my PC, but with the PSP I can watch it on the go.

I’ve recently begun to appreciate music with the help of my N73ME and it’s 2GB Memory Card (I love my phone) with the PSP I can also do that as well as lessen the load and pro-long my beloved N73’s ❤ life, did I mention I also play movies on my phone ( I so love you N73 ❤ ) !

And if I buy a PSP first I would no longer gawk at other people playing it while riding the public transpos or while waiting for them to arrive.

The thing is if I buy a PSP, I would neglect yet again my PC that had been with me since 2004 thru thick and thin, I want to upgrade it not replace it, that Is how much I love it!

The total cost of the PC Parts is the same as buying a PSP bundled with games ranging from 10-40 depending on the retailer.

One other thing is that after 3-5 years I would be dropping my desktop PC for good and trade it in for a high-end gaming laptop, yet on the go! However, that would certainly overshadow my PSP if ever I bought one during that time frame whichever comes first.

So right now I am really stumped on whether I should buy a PSP or PC parts, even my father can’t decide hahaha!

So I guess for now I still have 2 months to decide whether or not I should be buying a PSP or some new parts and hopefully I won’t regret whichever choice I made.

Comments are greatly appreciated for this post, really need insights right now!

Thank You for reading!




3 responses

23 04 2008

psp pa rin,,GOD OF WAR! YEAH BOI!

tska isipin mo un pag may psp ka na pde ka na rin mag “porn-on-the-go” dba?

tska na ung next gen games,,tska indi mo naman madadala ung pc mo kht san,,kung gusto mo bili ka na lng ng laptop..pero seriously,,ano ba sa tingin mo ang NEED mo tlga ngaun kesa WANT lng? think about it dude,,napagusapan na rin natin to,,pero again kung ako tatanungin SERIOUSLY upgrade ko tong chick magnet LAPTOP ko syempre or BILI ako bagong laptop bwahahahaha ^_^

till then

ja-logging off

25 04 2008

kung ako sayo, PC talaga.

May mas importante p nmn un PC e kc pde sa skulwork mo.

PSP = for fun.

20 05 2008

PC = Porn…un lang hahah

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