Reiciello : Where in the World did it came from?

17 04 2008

So I guess I really am hook with blogging now, well FOR NOW at least.

So hook to it that I even used my nickname for it “Reiciello” , but really now where did that name came from anyway?

If you want to know then read on, of course I’m not forcing you to, also that’s one reason why I don’t advertise my blog a lot.

While looking at my friendster profile, I caught a glimpse of my old and first attempt for a blog explaining everything about my other nickname: Reiks, which means smoke/s by the way. (I just knew that right now after googling it 🙂 )

Below is the blog post I made in my friendster blog:

Origin of “Reiks”

Since pFlyff is down and I don’t have anything better to do I might as well post a

I’ve first learned to appreciate having a cool and unique nickname while I was still actively “grinding” on Philippines Ragnarok Online (pRO).

My friends often taunted me saying “Yuck, baduy nickname” or stuffs like “Anu ba yan wlang originality”. I got pissed off one day and decided to stop playing pRO because of these taunts. (What a LAME excuse)

Let’s start by having a time line or some sort for the conceptualization of my own unique nickname, it’s nothing scientific really (duh!) it just shows how my “Reiky-ness” got conceptualized.

1st screen name, Extirya, extirya was actually a modified word from “Extine” meaning “Ends of the World” or “The End of the World”, it came from the book “The Magic Engineers” that I read (yes read!) from the school (DBTC) library. I’m still using this screen name on various existing Mail and Gaming Accounts as “Log-in Names” such as my current email address where I modified “Extine” once more by changing the last letter “e” to “a”.

I’m more popularly known as extirya at the GG-Client click here .

I got bored with that name eventually until I decided to invent a new name for my new RO Avatar, a deceased Assassin of Loki (hahaha), and that’s when SeraphimAngel was conceptualized , reading among sites and some book about angel and demons, I got fascinated with them and eventually tried to “role-play” what I read. An Assassin was a perfect choice for me (even though I should have given it to a Priest class by par). It’s lifeline was cut-short when a friend of mine, Ardz , he ridiculed it saying stuffs aforementioned above.

It was a long hiatus of some sort, recovering from my imagination block I started joggling words in my mind, I tried joggling the word “Pro Deo et Patria” to create a unique screen name but to no avail, I joggled several words in my mind then all of a sudden when I was in-front of my PC just about to create a new character an idea suddenly hit me in the head, “I want a screen name, why not use my own?” , I tried to use my own house nickname “Erik” admittedly it is unique as most would spell it as “Eric” or “Erick”, when I clicked the “finish” button in the character selection screen the name “Erik” was already in use (fiddlesticks), I joggled my name (and even found out that my name spelled backwards sounds creepy Aleks to “Skela”) and my nickname as well as my surname until it came out… Reik (Switched the E and R from Erik), pronounced originally as Re-ik it evolved it’s pronunciation to Rei-k (Garden Rake) again due to the influence of Ardz (relinking for a greater cause), my classmates started calling me as Reik online or off-line, but I still maintained my original name in school as “aleks” plain and simple “Aleks”

I used Reik for a long time and even had a near perfect priest build for that screen name. Just like Extina, Reik was modified to several names such as Reiky, Valreik, Reika (For female avatars), Alreik, Seireik, and the most popular one – Reiks.

Reiks was actually the 4th modified form for Reik after Reiky, Valreik and Reika.

Reiks was first used in an Acolyte Class going Monk in pRO, it got buried for quite a while before I reconsidered on having a monk class in my account.

These name and it’s original purpose surely came a long way afterwards. I begun using it on competitive game matches like DotA and the like, my monk character (now a champ) got it’s own share of infamy with a rival guild (UnHoly) when my name was posted in their site as a “Attack on sight” target (wow). My guild mates (Signum Fidei) started calling me by my character name Reiks, and it became a new me in and out of games.

Right now, I’m also widely known as Reiks in my current school (NEU) and even at the shop I play at occasionally, with greetings such as “Uy ayan na pla si Reiks, DotA na!”, “Anjan pla si reiks eh, tra 5 on 5”, “reiks baba ka, kampi tau nina Avalanze”

Yep, it sure did came a long way for me to have that name but it was worth it.

Well that about sums up the background and history of my Screen names.

Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it (even though it was just out of boredom)

Remember one thing, screen names, avatar name, and/or nicknames are just referrals for you, and it should not take over your real identity. It’s fun having a unique name, but always remember that you have your OWN GIVEN name to you that is already unique to everyone.

Till then, adios amigos.

Reiks. Signing out XD


Now you’re probably thinking, what the heck it’s not even about Reiciello it’s about Reiks, nope wrong again, I copied that because I want to explain to you how my nicknames and screen names got created and/or given to me which is true for “Reiciello”.

Reiciello is not an evolved or modified Reiks although it maintained the first 3 letters the rest are too far-off from the originals. When did I first use it? When Granado Espada first came out, I had the dilemma of creating a new avatar name or stick with the old in which the latter won when I used Reiks again. However, after about a while I ran out of creative ideas to modify my name as it has reached it’s limit of giving it a sensible modification without altering it’s origin.

After days of thinking for a suitable new nickname I finally found it, rather someone gave it to me and that’s Ciello my friend and guildmate when I was still playing actively in pRO, we were always playing together back then and people often tagged as the Reiks-Ciello tag team because are movements are well synchronized with each other often landing a kill or two during Guild Wars. Eventually I grew tired of the game and felt that I’ve already achieved what I wanted when I started playing and with that my objectives are complete, the day before my final log-out from the game, Ciello sent me a PM saying that he was also thinking of a new nickname for me when I asked him about a cool new name, he was silent for a while then after about a minute or so he sent me another PM containing the word “Reiciello” with the explanation that our tag team name should live forever, of course it violated the original name but what the heck I liked it and that’s all there is to it.

So basically I’m now using it but I still haven’t shun Reiks and all it’s descendants if you can call it that !

Again thank you for reading, I knew it was quite long but as I’ve said I really am not bothered whether or not someone visits this blog of mine.

Till then!

Reiciello Out!




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