Ragnarok World Championships ’08 (RWC) – Philippines!

28 04 2008

Yep! You read the title right, this year the Philippines would be the host country for the prestigious tournament that started with the introduction of Ragnarok Online. This is a great news for those who used to play or are still playing Ragnarok Online here in the Philippines.

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Team Haxors: Drinking Fest!

26 04 2008

This was almost 5 days ago well actually 6, but what the heck I’ll blog it anyway!

Team Haxors

I’m gonna blog about what happened during the drink fest, I was thinking whether I should blog about it in Tagalog (my native tongue) or continue posting in English. After looking at the blog stats I decided to blog it in English considering my visitors from who knows where from the world may read it.

Now then, pls. go on in!

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Worst Captcha I ever saw! -Rapidshare.com

24 04 2008

I was downloading stuffs from the net when I encountered a file hosted at rapidshare.com

click to enlarge

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PSP or PC?

23 04 2008

The great question right now, should I buy a PSP or parts to upgrade my PC?


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Blog Update – New Header!

22 04 2008

This is just an update post.

See the new header? It was created by Righ, nice huh?

Thanks a bunch Righ!

Reiciello – Googleable!

22 04 2008

Yes you read that right!

I checked google and found out that my blog is now googleable meaning you can now type in “Reiciello” at the google search page and it should come up on top.

The other cool thing is that “Reiciello” is a unique name created by yours truly and as of now every Reiciello found in the net refers directly to me, cool huh?!

Now if I could only buy a patent for it hehehehehe!

Anyways, this post is just a blog update thanks for reading and visiting my blog!

Start Of my Slow Carb Diet

21 04 2008

Yeah you heard or read that right, today marks the start of my Slow Carb Diet. After a night of partying and drinking till my hearts delight I knew that I needed to start my diet routine.

What made me do this was when I checked my weighting scale go up to 155 from 145 in just one night!

And for me that’s reason enough to again force my body to loose the carbs, that means no rice, pasta, milks, sodas for me!

Want to know what a slow carb diet is? Read On!

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