The Cross

20 03 2008


“The Cross : A Holy Symbol?”

Alright I was really thinking hard of writing this stuff but since it is Holy Week right now might as well write it anyway.

To be exact, majority of the people belonging to the Roman Catholic Church believes benevolently that the Cross is a symbol of Holiness, of Godliness and everything that is pure and holy. They believe that it is the symbol of Christ who died to save the sins of the world and purge us to be presentable to God.

Well I don’t believe in all those stuff, not because I’m not a Catholic but because I believe on my own beliefs and some of them strengthened by the sermons of my church, I know I Should keep neutral about this topic but I can’t because it’s not me If I were to type it neutrally.

The cross for me is no symbol of holiness and whatsoever the catholics call them, for me its a symbol of shame, of hatred, of sin, of evil act, of punishment, and of penitence.

Christ was sentenced to carry this cross, to carry this symbol of filth and disgrace as a punishment for a crime he did not or deserve to do. He was nailed and stabbed in the cross alongside criminals, the greatest man on earth, nailed and hanged on the cross.

People today even reenact how Christ suffered and died by means of a penitence to cause harm to your own body by carrying a cross, being nailed to one, and even penitence by using a palaspás or a palm leaf decorated to in honor of palm sunday to repeatedly strike ones own back till it wounds up.

Question is, are we allowed to harm our own body? Do our body belong to us? The answer is no, our body do not belong to us but it is of God’s. What power do we have over our borrowed body to harm it ourselves?! None!

For me, I am glad that I am not obliged to follow that tradition.

As a final note, I didn’t want to talk about religious stuffs here at my blog but I pity those that I watch in the TV and in real life who believes that the Cross is a symbol of Holiness… well for me… it’s not. Simple as that.




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