Fritz Commercial

19 03 2008

“Drink it anyway, anywhere, it still tastes better than Good”


During our 1st Semester for the school year 2007-2008 our marketing professor Sir. Rogen E. Apsay assigned as a group project that would also serve as our final exam for the semestral end. We were divided into groups of 5 and tasked to do a commercial for our chosen product, the chosen product is required not to be existing in the market today. Our group, after finalizing its members, decided to do a commercial on a soda/cola brand and decided to name it “Fritz”.

The original concept of Fritz was that it was supposed to be an energy drink type of cola sort of an hybrid between Gatorade and Coke. I was the one who conceptualized the idea and passed it to Professor Apsay for Evaluation and Approval. After the approval I decided that we should not seek outside help an idea that our nearest competitor took by hiring a professional film editor from ABS-CBN, it may have been like a handicap for my group but I decided to still stand independently in terms of technical and editing tasks.

The entire storyboard was also my idea, the casting and the locations where all based on my ideas as well. I decided that for the casting that my group mates be the one to act the scenes for the commercial a total of 3 scenes was established excluding the credits and the splash screens where it was animated via flash. The location of the first 2 scenes was shot at Don Bosco Technical College in Mandaluyong City, Philippines. My former school and my high school alma matter. The 2nd location for the final (and most disastrous scene – more on that later) scene was at New Era University in Quezon City, Philippines. My current school. The storyboard was based on the marketing positioning “Drink it anyway, anywhere, it tastes better than good” another one of my concepts. The commercial portrays just as the positioning tells, the kind of glasses used portrays the “anyway” part, and the locations of the scenes symbolizes the “anywhere” part. I must say that it was an ambitious commercial which almost failed to lift off but at the last minute granted as a flat 1 grade (in our school 1 is the highest while 5 is the lowest 6 means dropped).

The video editing was done by my best friend Righ,  as I’ve said I decided not to get any outside help nor a professional one but Righ is no outsider to me (hahaha logic). He stayed over for almost 3 days at my house just to finish this commercial and add in the final splash effect. By now you may have been thinking of what equipment we used to do all that, it was none other than this desktop pc I’m using right now. It’s no super-computer nor is it designed to do all those tricky editing stuff but it certainly did it’s job. During the editing we decided to do a voice over for the “f” words appearing in the scene and guess who the (un)lucky guy who had to do that job… yep none other than me! It was a last minute decision because the 3rd Scene’s audio was so low that we had to crank up the volume for the speakers only to hear it and that posed a problem for the outcome of the commercial. So in a last minute split decision we decided to dubbed Arpee’s scene to reflect what he was saying during which we also decided to add in the “f” words as an enhancer 😛 .


Well not actually, but it really caused as the first place award.

It was the 3rd scene, Arpee’s scene, during the final days of shooting he failed to show up and when he did show up he forgot to bring his cooler for the final scene. As it is crunch time for the submission of the commercial I decided to improvise and use the Nestea Ice Tea cooler I brought which I use as a container for my drink during PE Classes.

That failed to slip through the eyes of the judges and gave as a whooping deduction for using a “branded”material for the commercial and gave away our first place position for our nearest rival who sought the help from ABS-CBN.

The Finale

Even though we failed to get the best amateur commercial award we were happy with our second place award and a spot for the airing of our commercial at Net25 alongside Krazzy Chocos. We pride our work even with all those faults because we did all that on our own with no professional advice whatsoever.

We congratulate Krazzy Choco for winning the 1st place and also the 3rd placer Mommy Cup Noodles, as well as for the other two groups our dear classmates.

It was also a great experience to do that commercial and it also bonded our section till now.

For me, doing this commercial was a stepping stone for my desired career as an advertising consultant.

The power of advertisement is using it’s influence to control the mind of the buyers to buy your product, don’t underestimate it.




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