Still Here

31 03 2008

No I’m not dead yet, haha I’m still here.

The reason for the slow update is… well there is no reason, in fact there are currently 4 Drafts waiting to be published I’m just finishing them up since they are rather long and I’m not planning on releasing them all at once so just wait patiently… as a matter of fact I wasn’t expecting any viewers at all hahaha!

Anyway I’ll probably post 1 of the 4 drafts by the end of the week.


Quote Share : I am Rubber, You are Glue!

24 03 2008

I Am Rubber, You Are Glue! ~ by Rev. Lucinda Schersing, DD ~

Remember the saying: “I am rubber you are glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you”? I think we all have at one time said those words, particularly when we are children coping with hurtful teasing. Perhaps we were wiser than we knew.

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The Cross

20 03 2008


“The Cross : A Holy Symbol?”

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Earth Hour Video

20 03 2008

Fritz Commercial

19 03 2008

“Drink it anyway, anywhere, it still tastes better than Good”

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This Blog Supports “Earth Hour”

19 03 2008


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March 18, 2008

17 03 2008

-Start of Blog-

Basically things here are still under construction and a lot of doodling (google the word if you don’t know what it means)is needed, also this is the first time I’ll be using WordPress as a host for a blog and I’m still tinkering around with their features and sad to say I’m having a difficulty with some of the features as they are not showing up as what I expected them to do.

Anyways that aside I’ll be listing down here for now all the things that needs to be done for the blog:

1) Manage to Master all the WP Features

2) Customize everything to suit the blog’s purpose

3) Create a new header (that blue one is kinda annoying)

4) Create a new background (some CSS’ing stuff here as well)

5) Add some links

6) Fix the Photo Gallery Section

7) Create Individual and Functioning Pages for each section of the blog

8) Create Traffic

And a lot more…