22 11 2010

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Blog Status

17 09 2010

I’m pretty much still active in the internet, though I may have neglected this blog.

First and foremost I intentionally did not do anything to make sure that the blog keeps on getting traffic. This is not a for-profit blog, I have one of those blog but I will not mention it here.

Frankly, I’m looking for another host where I can have a much better control over who can see my blog and the things I post in it, if you have a suggestion send me an email or comments down below. I prefer an invite only blog. I don’t like MySpace even though it has that option.

Untill then I’ll probably won’t be able to post much or anything at this blog anymore. Though I’ll keep it active because the nickname I used here should and forever remain exclusively for me.

By the way, to those asking and for the few who knew that I’ve started writing a manuscript for my book – yes I’m still actively writing it, in-fact I’m looking for a graphics artist partner that will help me visualize the world I’m creating. If anyone of you knows someone willing to do that, pls. send me an email.

Windows 7 Ultimate Test Run

19 11 2009

It’s been almost a year since I bought my current laptop and I’m still liking it because despite of it’s rather mediocre of an excuse for a graphics processor it can still pack a lot of punch. I should know I’m currently playing Dragon Age: Origins on it on medium to high settings with AA turned off.

Anyways when I bought this laptop it came pre-installed with windows vista, I for one don’t have anything bad against that OS despite what others are saying all over the net I still preferred it over XP. (well not really!)

(yep, install it… now!)

Recently I just took the courage to remove vista in favor of installing win7, I could have done it earlier if only the warranty wasn’t preventing me from doing so. Read the rest of this entry »

Ego You or Ego Me

6 10 2009

Just wanna share ahahaha… 😛

Typhoon, Paranoia, and my B-day Bash

6 10 2009

Amidst all the paranoia the two typhoon brought upon us here who are living in the metropolis I still decided to push my 2 months long planned bday celebration.

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24 08 2009

Bombshells? Like this one?

No! Because for one that is an actual Bomb in a Bombshell!

Then how about this one?


And it’s definitely NOT the bombshell explained on wiki .

If you definitely want to know then just find out after the jump!

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9 08 2009

A quickpress.

Things just suddenly got a tad more complicated, I still don’t have the means to update my site using vids as much as I want to.

On the plus side, I recently received an e-mail from the Twitter team that says I have now control of this twitter profile http://www.twitter.com/reiks – neat huh? Someone actually stole one of my most used screen names and actually posted stuffs coming from my old Friendster shout-out and blog.

I have nothing else to add right now t’was just a short update anyway 😛

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